Dearest Marlene,

I was one of the lucky ones that attended the Magnificat last Saturday in Lancaster, California. I have NEVER, EVER, heard such an inspirational speech as the one that you gave to your audience last Saturday. I am still on a high and I might say an exhausting emotional high from your speech. You are a delight and all can see Mother Teresa’s love in your heart and in your speech. I couldn’t stop crying, happy tears, when I got home and told my son about your talk.

I would like to attend another event when you are the speaker and bring some of my famiuly members along with me. We all need Mother Teresa’s inspiration and you, now, are the one to give that to all you meet.

Please tell me when and where I can attend and listen to your speech again.

Also, can I buy a small Mother Teresa statue like the one that you had in your hand and blessed everyone?

I am a big fan and follower of the Blessed Mother and Mother Teresa in also very deeply in my heart. I read a book about Mother Teresa and I am familiar with what she did in Calcutta, but still, hearing you talk, it was like I was hearing all of this for the first time in my life. I wish I could have meet her when she was alive but it wasn’t meant to be.

Thank you for listening to me and also for your Saturday that you gave to us all. Mother Teresa picked a good friend to share her stories and songs with us. You’re very kind and generous.

With my love to you and Mother Teresa,

Mary Louise McMurtry

Hello Mrs. Marlene Elias,

I don’t know if you remember me but I met you at the Magnificat brunch in Lancaster last Saturday and asked for the Rainbow photo. I really wanted to thank you for sharing what happened to your daughter since, my mother was raped by my father (a man I have never met) and I have had a large amount of hate and anger over this my entire life. I felt that your heart breaking story has inspired me to pray for the ability to forgive him for his terrible deed that hurt our family so much. I wanted to thank you for doing something so noble as to share something so personal and painful so that others can learn from it and to do the work of the Lord and to give someone like me a chance to meet Mother Teresa through your friendship and personal accounts of this wonderful woman. I remember wishing that I could have met Mother Teresa and feeling sad when I heard of her death since I thought I would never get to. Who knew that her teachings would find me in Lancaster?
Also I was hoping to go to see you tomorrow in Thousand Oaks and thank you in person but I will finally be doing my adult confirmation starting tomorrow and I will be asking to be able to take the name Teresa as my saint name. :) The Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Praise God!

I look forward to your book being published.
- Zara

I received the CD’S that I ordered. They are beautiful, I will make them my prayer. They have touched my heart, they are so powerful Thank you so much for the photo Of Blessed Teresa, I will treasure it always. I have met Blessed Teresa once while she was here in St. Louis, I will never forget the holy time I spent with her. God’s Blessings on the all the work you do for Jesus.

Sandy Brouk

Bronx, NY, 18th of December, 2004

Dear Marlene,

Thank you very much for your letter and the tape of the songs you wrote, inspired by our dearest Mother, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Our Mother’s life was one of deep faith, unwavering hope and burning charity. She was, and urged us all to be, only all for Jesus through Mary. Mother lived only for Jesus; whatever Mother did was to express this love for Him. Mother traveled from one corner of the world to the other to proclaim to the people this love for the Person she loved.

Mother Teresa1Thy lovingly and generously putting your God-given gifts at the service of his life in all, you are giving us in your music a mini-compendium of our faith, that faith, that our dearest Mother lived to the full, presenting it in a sweet and joyful manner It will appeal to many minds and hearts to lift themselves up to God in prayer, and to ponder His tender, fatherly love and care.

Through your songs you point to Jesus, our Saviour, King and Lord Incarnate, who frees us from sin and shame, making us His own. Saved by His blood, and with His Cross as our sign, His Spirit guides us on our way.

The presence of our Blessed Mother lends sweetness to our journey, as we ask her to show us how to pray as she did: “Be it done to me according to your word, so that we can learn to love her Son,

The joyful and effective action of the angels, our faithful companions, and our dearest Mother’s presence, teaching God’s love in every way, cheer souls in each individual’s call to be light, candles in the darkness, with Jesus’ light with US to set peoples hearts aglow. We are called to share His life with everyone. Our victory lies in Him, our mighty God, who accepts and loves us as we are, with all of our weaknesses and our little efforts. This calls us, in turn, to live the universal brotherhood which in His will, and to see Jesus in all, and to be Jesus to all.

His healing love transforms us into love, making us able to live His commandment of love and the imperative of forgiveness.

Even if anyone has reached a point when life no longer seems to have any meaning, the hope, peace and joy that come from Him can always work new miracles of grace and issue a new call, to a life of praise and service.

It is heavenly to listen to you singing these songs with such sweet voice! May our Lord bless your loving work, dear Marlene, with His grace, so that many, many souls who listen to it may be drawn back to Jesus or ever deeper into His heart, through the intercession of His Blessed Mother, of our dearest Mother, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and of all the angels and saints!

With all my love and prayer,

Sr. Fatima
Superior of the Contemplatives for Mother’s Missionaries of Charity